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I’m sidney.

A mentor, writer, public speaker,
and a relentless optimist of life,
dedicated to helping you
become the person you most desire to be,
and create a fulfilling life you’re truly meant to live.

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Living life

on a new dimension…

No stranger to living off the beaten tracks,
Sidney has walked paths that she never thought would take her where she is today.

With the unknown thirst to discover her life path, she created many drastic changes in her life, career, education, and activities; studying business and psychology to contemporary art, working in finance, marketing, communications, to non-profit,
being an athlete to a daily meditationer.

One day something hit her like a lightening;
a moment of epiphany.
just like Steve Jobs said, she was able to connect the dots and in hindsight, everything began to make sense to her. At that moment, she understood
why she needed those experiences and go through many moments of fear, doubt and self-reflection to come to this realization and an awakening.

Since then, she has been committed to helping people to recognize themselves of their true power and infinite potentiality and bring them out to
the light of awareness, so they no longer fear and doubt their own power.

In her seminars, talks, and through social media channels on youTube and Instagram, she shares her knowledge, insights, tips and inspiration with people all over the world.